Changhua District Court, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Changhua District Court, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Taiwan court has ruled against a man who claimed he had been duped in a romance scam out of cash and valuables worth NT$1.48 million (US$48,700) by his Vietnamese lover who dumped him and married someone else.

The 40-year-old man surnamed Wang from Changhua county in central Taiwan had filed for civil claims against his former lover surnamed Nguyen, 34, but she was found not guilty of fraud by Changhua District Court, Taiwan Apple Daily reported on Tuesday.

The court heard that Wang and Nguyen, though already bound by previous marriages, engaged in an affair that included cohabitation for three or four years. They agreed that they would marry each other after divorcing their current spouses.

Since 2015, Wang handed out a total of NT$1.48 million to Nguyen,  including a NT$200,000 set of gold wedding jewelry, a NT$1 million divorce fee, NT$200,000 in personal debt settlements and NT$80,000 in kindergarten tuition for Nguyen’s child.

Wang got divorced in July 2015 after his wife discovered the affair, while Nguyen divorced last October after securing a Taiwan identification card. But she then married a different Taiwanese man who was the landlord of the apartment where she was residing.

Nguyen said her love for Wang was genuine, but he used violence against her several times, which prompted her to break off their relationship and marry the other man instead.

The judge ruled that Nguyen had not cheated Wang or obtain valuables  from him dishonestly, as there were multiple reasons accounting for the fact that the pair failed to marry each other.