Tainan City Police Station, Yongkang district, Tainan, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Two Vietnamese migrant workers who had drunk beer before riding on a heavy motorcycle hit a Taiwanese police officer after trying to flee from a roadblock in Yongkang, Tainan, during the early hours of Saturday.

The bike’s 26-year-old driver and his passenger were on a short road heading to a section of highway in Yongkang district, The Liberty Times reported on the weekend. At 12:20am, the duo arrived at a police roadblock, where they refused to stop and fled in the opposite direction.

A police officer stood in their way, trying to stop them from escaping, but the pair did not slow down and hit him. The policeman and the driver were both injured and admitted to hospital.

The driver of the bike was found to have a breath-alcohol concentration of 0.155 milligram per liter, slightly over the legal limit, as he and his friend had drunk some beer during dinner some time before the traffic incident. The suspect told the police he had tried to get away because he was afraid of being arrested for drunk driving.

Both of the Vietnamese were arrested for allegedly obstructing the police in the execution of their lawful duties and committing offenses against public safety.

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