Members of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan Seamen's / Fishermen's Service Center gather at the Fishery Radio Station in Taiwan. Photo: Facebook/SFSC

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan Seamen/Fishermen Service Center (SFSC) in Kaoshiung and Fishery Radio Station (FRS) have jointly launched a radio program that is especially aimed at migrant workers. Aired on Sunday nights, it kicked off on September 3.

Given the robust growth and development of the island’s fishery industry, the demand for foreign fishermen has been on the rise. Filipino and Indonesian workers have been playing an indispensable role in supporting the industry, Taiwan Times reported.

The radio program Happy Family is aimed at relieving homesickness of migrant workers. It  is broadcast in Indonesian from 8:20pm-9pm and in Tagalog between 9:20pm and 10pm on Sundays on AM 783 kilohertz, AM 1143 kHz and AM 1593 kHz (for Yilan).

On September 3, Taiwanese radio host Aying, Indonesian host Nana and Filipino JC were invited to share with the audience interesting events encountered by migrant fishermen.

All migrant fishermen are welcome to leave messages on SFSC’s Facebook page to request songs to be aired on the program.