Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Alan Mak
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Alan Mak

Hong Kong people feel low levels of affinity towards mainland Chinese people and China’s central government, compared to their sentiments regarding other cross-strait “regions.” They also have a more favorable view of Taiwanese people, and people from Macau, than they do of people from mainland China and even from Hong Kong itself.

According to survey results released on Tuesday by the University of Hong Kong’s Public Opinion Programme (POP), Hong Kong people feel least positive of all about China’s central government.

The net values of Hongkongers’ feelings about themselves, mainland Chinese, Taiwanese and people from Macau, were, respectively, positive 35 percentage points, positive 4, positive 56 and positive 40.

People were also asked about their feelings towards the various cross-strait governments. The net values were positive 10 percentage points vis a vis the HKSAR government and negative 3 percentage points for the Chinese government. The governments of Taiwan and Macau scored positive 2 and positive 19 percentage points, respectively.

Meanwhile, among ten regions and countries that local people mostly mentioned positively, Hong Kong people liked the Singaporean and Canadian governments the most.

In other findings, the net value of Hong Kong people’s affinity towards the government of the United States dropped from negative 16 percentage points to negative 35 percentage points, its lowest point since 1997, when the first such survey was undertaken.

The university interviewed 800 people last month.

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