New Taipei City Hall, Banqiao district. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
New Taipei City Hall, Banqiao district. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 49-year-old Taiwanese father and his three adult sons were arrested after allegedly robbing a 34-year-old Vietnamese woman and badly beating up her 20-year-old Vietnamese boyfriend on Saturday.

According to a preliminary investigation, a married man surnamed Lin, owner of a pallet factory in Xinzhuang district of New Taipei City, was said to be in a romantic relationship with the female victim and had been supporting her materially with money and gold jewelry and paying for her accommodation, the Liberty Times reported.

Lin was enraged when he found out his girlfriend had been living with a much younger man in a studio suite on which he had been paying the rent of NT$7,500 (US$245) a month.

At noon on Saturday, by promising to pay her NT$10,000, Lin successfully lured the female victim to the factory, where he and his three sons tied her up and relieved her of her gold necklace and gold earrings. They also took her mobile phone and NT$20,000 in cash, and gave her a nasty crewcut as a way to vent their anger, Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

Then the father and sons looked for the Vietnamese boyfriend at the rented apartment, where they bound him in chains and beat him with iron batons and their bare hands for 30 minutes.

Knowing the Vietnamese man was a runaway migrant worker, Lin called the police, who were shocked to find the man blindfolded and covered with multiple injuries. The authorities arrested Lin and his three sons for allegedly robbing the female victim and committing crimes against personal liberty.