Singapore. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Singapore. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A domestic worker in Singapore who was seen busily talking on a  mobile phone while letting a child in her care crawl freely on the sidewalk was severely slammed for her inattentiveness by a driver who happened to be passing by.

Recently some pictures went viral online showing a maid, whose nationality is not known, being inattentive to a boy no more than two years old, Shin Min Daily News reported.

The female driver, who wished to remain anonymous, told the newspaper that she was shocked when she noticed a maid being absorbed in a phone call and pushing an empty baby stroller while the toddler was left wandering around on the sidewalk alone.

The driver decided to step in as the domestic worker had turned her back without paying the slightest attention to the child. The maid  picked up the child and fled when the driver told her that she would report her wrongdoings.

The driver, who was also a mother, said she had taken pictures of the incident, stressing that she simply wanted to illustrate a case in point and raise people’s awareness on child rearing.

It concerned her as there were quite a lot of dog walkers and motorcyclists in the area, and she believed it was unhygienic for such a young child to be crawling in the streets, she added.

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