Residence on Neicheng Road, Yuanshan township, Yilan county, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 57-year-old Vietnamese woman was found dead after the house where she had been residing in Yuanshan town of Yilan county, northeastern Taiwan, caught fire on Monday morning.

At 7:39am, the county fire bureau received a report of the blaze, and firefighters were immediately dispatched to the scene, the Real Daily reported.

The blaze was brought under control at 8:12am, and the burned body of a foreign woman was recovered from the second floor of the unit.

She was confirmed as a 57-year-old Vietnamese woman worked as a caregiver at the Yuanshan branch of the Taipei Veterans General Hospital. She had obtained citizenship in Taiwan, China Daily News reported.

The landlady told the media that she was suspicious about the fire as the back door of the house, which was usually kept open, was locked during the incident.

According to The Liberty Times, further investigation was required to confirm whether the fire was the result of an accident or arson.

Preliminary police investigation showed that the blaze started by the bed in the bedroom, but no possible ignition source was found, such as electric sockets or electrical appliances. It was also known that the deceased did not have a smoking habit.