Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

An elevator at a public housing block owned by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) in Singapore broke down twice on Saturday, first trapping two residents and then an Indonesian domestic helper, who was stuck in it for 15 minutes.

The elevator at HDB Block 608 on Clementi West Street was first reported out of order at 10am, trapping a man and a woman, Shin Min Daily News reported.

Service was resumed an hour later after an emergency repair job.

However, at 3:30pm, when a 40-year-old Indonesian – who had only been working in Singapore as a domestic helper for two months – tried to take the elevator up to her home on the 10th floor, its door closed but it failed to go up, nor did it open the door again.

Frightened, the trapped maid cried for help for 15 minutes. Her 30-year-old employer said she was still very upset after the rescue.

According to residents, the elevator had been breaking down at least once a month after being upgraded around four or five years ago.

About two months ago, the same elevator was out of order for three or four consecutive days.

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