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Photo: iStock

Some lucky students will no longer need to carry textbooks to school.

The education body Kendriya Vidyalaya plans to use computer tablets to teach STEM subjects to 2,000 students.

The project is being initiated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development to enhance education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Students will be able to access their reading material, submit assignments and get evaluated online, reported the Times of India.

Over 2,000 students at Kendriya Vidyalaya schools across 25 regions will be selected for the project. Each region will have at least one school where the initiative will be launched.

A senior ministry official was quoted as saying: “The idea is to supplement the knowledge the students will get from books in the STEM subjects using technology. Apart from accessing the textbooks online through ePathshala, the digital textbooks and resource material of NCERT, the students will enhance their learning experience through animation, videos, etc in the subjects of science and mathematics.”

The pilot project will start in July.