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The art of being a spectacularly misguided oracle

The late Zbigniew “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski for some time dispensed wisdom as an oracle of US foreign policy, side by side with the perennial Henry Kissinger.
While Kissinger, in vast swaths of the Global South, is regarded as nothing but a war criminal, Brzezinski never achieved the same notoriety. At best he claimed bragging rights for giving the USSR its own Vietnam in Afghanistan – by facilitating the internationalization of Jihad Inc, with all its dire consequences.
Over the years, it was always amusing to follow the heights Dr Zbig would reach with his Russophobia. But then, slowly but surely, he was forced to revise his great expectations. And finally he must have been truly horrified that his perennial Mackinder-style geopolitical fears came to pass – beyond his wildest nightmares.