A graphic produced by Johns Hopkins researchers shows the number of new infections around the world.

Live version of coronavirus map

More than 1.249 million cases, including 68,000 deaths, have been reported in 190 countries and territories around the world since the virus first emerged in China in December, according to Johns Hopkins University and official sources.

Italy has the highest official death toll with 15,887 fatalities. 

Spain follows with 12,418, the United States is on 8,503, France 7,560 and Britain 4,313.

Click on the above graphic to see a live version. Source: Johns Hopkins University

Glimmers of hope in Spain, Italy

Spain saw its third consecutive daily decline in deaths from the virus, recording another 674 fatalities on Sunday. 

A day earlier, Italy cheered after seeing its number of intensive care cases drop for the first time – from 4,068 on Friday to 3,994.

New York calls for help

New York state, epicenter of the US outbreak, reports 630 new deaths in one day, its largest 24-hour spike.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio issues an emergency plea for volunteers, estimating the city will need 45,000 more medical personnel to fight the pandemic through April and May.

President Donald Trump warns Americans to brace for a “very horrendous” number of coronavirus deaths in coming days. 

Queen Elizabeth II special broadcast

Queen Elizabeth II will give a rare address on Sunday aimed at rallying Britain, where the government warns of tougher measures on social distancing to try to curb surging infections.

United Arab Emirates doubles aid plan 

The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates says it has doubled to $70 billion a stimulus package to support the Gulf state’s economy.


More than 300 Europeans on Saturday leave Bolivia for France on a charter flight. 

Some 170 people, mostly French but including Swiss, Belgians, Germans and Britons, leave Moscow on Saturday on a repatriation flight organized by the French embassy.

Bolivia on Saturday repatriates 480 nationals who had been blocked at the Chilean border. 

And 740 Algerians stuck in Turkey after their flights were cancelled are repatriated on Saturday. 

Expanding and extending measures 

Algeria announces it will extend its night-time curfew – until now in place only in the capital and 13 of its 48 provinces – across the whole country.

Senegal extends by 30 days its nationwide state of emergency.

Easter services hit

Pope Francis calls for courage in the face of the pandemic as he delivers Palm Sunday mass by livestream instead of before Saint Peter’s Square crowds.

Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox church will suspend prayers preceding Easter celebrations later this month.