Calling it an "unprecedented challenge," Spanish President Pedro Sánchez, warned: "The hardest thing is yet to come." Credit: El Pais.

World Health Organization executive director Michael J. Ryan, has openly contradicted the statements made by some experts in the mainstream media, who have labelled Covid-19 a virus that mostly kills older people, Spain’s El Pais reported.

“There are also a significant number of young people who have died,” said Ryan, as WHO officials again strongly recommended that all suspected coronavirus cases be immediately isolated, “which especially strikes those over 60 years of age.”

Although the average age of the dead people in Italy — where the coronavirus has a great impact — is 79.5 years, the WHO stresses that all people should take precautions.

“Countries must isolate themselves, tests must be carried out, cases must be isolated and contacts must be traced,” insisted its director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

In Spain, the opposition has supported full government measures against the coronavirus, the report said.

In an almost empty Congress to avoid contagion, the leader of the People’s Party, Pablo Casado, offered his unconditional support to the executive.

Calling it an “unprecedented challenge,” the President, Pedro Sánchez, warned: “The hardest thing is yet to come.”

Sánchez announced a massive relief package of €200 billion (US$220 billion) to fight the economic fallout of the coronavirus crisis, El Pais reported.

The measures include delaying mortgage payments, easing social security contributions and allowing employees who need to care for dependent relatives to reduce their workday by as much as 100%.

Spain added another 14,534 infections, with 774 people in the ICU and 630 deaths, while worldwide deaths are at 8,419, El Pais reported.

Italy has announced 475 deaths in 24 hours, the record in a single day.

This Wednesday, three new outbreaks were detected in senior centers, with one in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) recording 14 deaths, another with eight deceased in Vitoria and another with six in Capellades (Barcelona), the report said.

Spanish health officials announced that rapid testing to detect hidden cases will begin this week.

King Felipe VI will speak to the country on television at 9 p.m. local time in Spain.