A graphic produced by Johns Hopkins researchers shows the number of new infections around the world.

Live version of coronavirus map

Global death toll at 5,802

Since the virus first emerged in late December, more than 155,423 cases have been recorded in 137 countries and territories, according to a Johns Hopkins University database at 1000 GMT on Saturday. The death toll stood at 5,802.

The worst affected countries in terms of fatalities are mainland China, with 3,189 deaths, Italy with 1,441 deaths, 611 in Iran and 191 in Spain.

Click on the link or map below to see a live version of virus information. Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering produced this website, which displays statistics about deaths and confirmed cases of the coronavirus, or Covid-19. Image: Johns Hopkins

France, Spain, Israel tighten restrictions

Spain followed Italy and imposed a near-total nationwide lockdown on Saturday to fight the spread of coronavirus by banning people from leaving home except to go to work, get medical care or buy food.

The restrictions on movement were announced after a huge spike in the number of infections in this nation of some 46 million people. Spain confirmed more than 1,500 new cases of coronavirus since Friday evening, raising its total to 5,753 cases, the second-highest number in Europe after Italy.

France announces it will close all non-essential public places including restaurants, cafes and cinemas from midnight (2300 GMT). Essential services such as pharmacies and supermarkets will stay open.

Israel announces the closure of eateries, shopping centers and gyms from Sunday.

Britain changes tack on major events

Britain is reviewing its “light-touch” approach to the crisis after criticism of its approach on large gatherings.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to introduce new legislation to ban mass gatherings, in line with other European countries.

Virus spreads to 4 African countries

Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Mauritania and Rwanda all announce their first cases of the virus.

More borders close

Russia joins a growing list of countries closing their borders, shutting its frontiers with Poland and Norway to foreigners.

Lithuania says it will reinstate border controls and ban foreign travelers; and Norway says it is closing airports and ports and tightening border checks.

Denmark closes its borders to non-resident foreigners after announcing its first death from the virus.

Trump takes test for virus

US President Donald Trump says he had taken a test to determine if he has the virus after days of dismissing concerns about his contact with infected people. The results are expected in a day or two, he says.

US extends travel ban to Britain

The United States announces that the travel ban imposed on European nations over the coronavirus pandemic will be extended to the United Kingdom and Ireland

NZ acts on new arrivals

New Zealand tells international visitors to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival.

It also abandons its one-day cricket tour of Australia after Wellington tightens border restrictions to combat the virus spread.

First deaths in Denmark, Ecuador

Ecuador announces its first death from the virus, a day after Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay and Peru suspended European flights and Argentina suspended links with the most badly affected countries.

Denmark announces its first death, an 81-year-old who was suffering from other serious illnesses.

Elections, primaries postponed

Syria announces the postponement of its parliamentary elections scheduled for next month.

Britain postpones local elections scheduled for May in parts of the country, including London, until next year.

In the United States, the Democratic primary in Louisiana state, planned for April 4, is postponed.

But the first round of France’s municipal elections will go ahead as planned Sunday.

Sport disrupted

Sport has suffered waves of cancellations in several top European leagues.

The US NHL ice hockey season comes to a halt, while in France all football games and professional rugby leagues are suspended.

The year’s opening major golf tournament, the Masters at Augusta National scheduled for April 9-12, has been postponed.