Ambassador Lu Shaye: "If France needs it, China is ready to organize remote exchanges and teleconsultations, even to send a team of medical experts to France." Credit: Radio Canada.

China has boldly sent medical supplies around the world to battle the Covid-19 virus — to Africa, to the EU, to Italy, Slovakia and now France.

A batch of medical supplies arrived in Paris at the Paris Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport on Wednesday, according to a report in

The medical aid includes protective masks, surgical masks, protective suits and medical gloves, as required by the French side, according to Lu Shaye, China’s Ambassador to France.

“At the crucial moment when China waged war against the epidemic, France provided us with precious support and assistance,” said Lu. “Now France and the whole of Europe are facing the serious challenge of the pandemic, China is ready to provide aid as far as possible.”

Health and medicine are one of the most dynamic areas of Sino-French scientific and technological cooperation, said the ambassador.

He noted that after the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, institutions in China and in France stayed in close contact and jointly conducted research on reagents for rapid diagnosis of the virus, the report said.

Scientists from both countries are currently conducting feasibility studies on the development of antibody-based drugs, the report said.

“In early February, French and Chinese experts conducted teleconsultation together. Mr. Alain Merieux, President of Merieux Foundation, provided China with multiple suggestions on diagnosis, treatment and cooperation on vaccine development,” Lu said.

Chinese scientific research institutions and the Pasteur Institute are actively exploring ways to create a joint Sino-French research fund that will primarily support the development of new drugs as well as research into vaccines against Covid-19, he added.

China also invited France to participate in a video conference between China and European countries, dedicated to the presentation of Chinese prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment plans, with a view to sharing experiences and making exchanges with the international community including France, the report said.

“If France needs it, China is ready to organize remote exchanges and teleconsultations, even to send a team of medical experts to France,” said the ambassador.

“We are convinced that, as long as China, France and the international community are animated by the idea of community with a shared future for mankind, as long as we lead a united fight side by side, we will certainly succeed in defeating the demon of virus,” he concluded.