German carmaker BMW has donated 35 million Chinese yuan (US$5 million) since the outbreak of the epidemic. Credit: BMW.

BMW China chief Jochen Goller has no doubts about China’s determination to win the fight against the Covid-19 virus, as he called on the international community to unite and stand with China.

“We are confident that China will ultimately win this battle” against Covid-19, said Goller, in a written interview with Xinhua, and reported by China Daily.

“If any country is capable of dealing with an unprecedented crisis like this, it’s very clearly China,” he wrote.

“The whole country is making great efforts to fight against the epidemic for the benefit of all of us and especially in a critical situation like this,” Goller noted, calling on the international community to unite and stand unwaveringly behind China.

Over the past weeks, BMW has been taking decisive actions and supporting the frontline medical personnel, the report said.

So far, the German carmaker has already donated 35 million Chinese yuan (US$5 million) since the outbreak of the epidemic, the report said.

BMW China chief Jochen Goller. Credit: BMW.

Regarding the outlook for the Chinese economy, Goller noted that “we have full trust in the Chinese authorities and the government that they are able to manage this situation. We are very confident in the medium and long-term outlook.”

“This great country will arise from the crisis even stronger,” Goller added.

Meanwhile, BMW’s biggest factory on the planet, in Liaoning province, China, has resumed production as the German carmaker looks to get back to business after closing down manufacturing due to the recent novel coronavirus outbreak, Yicai Global reported.

Nearly 20,000 workers, including employees of suppliers, are back at the facility in Shenyang, the report said.

The company has set aside masks and other protective gear for employees with help from its joint venture partner Brilliance Group and the city government, and plans to buy more to protect its staff, the report added.

BMW has equipped the factory entrance with automatic thermometers and disinfectants, and is staggering staff lunch breaks. It has also put transparent panels between dining tables to prevent employees from getting too close to each other, the report said.