Ground staff check the body temperatures of passengers at Taipei Taoyuan Airport. Photo: Central News Agency, Taiwan

As scientists, doctors, academics and conspiracy theorists toss around ideas and speculate on where the highly infectious virus originated, a professor in etiology at the National Taiwan University has claimed that the highly infectious virus could be “synthetic” in nature – in other words, man-made. 

Questions about the exact origin of the novel coronavirus have grown as it spread across China and then beyond. Hubei, the central Chinese province where it first erupted, reported 499 new cases on Tuesday, while South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Italy have become the new frontiers in the battle to contain the contagion. 

Speculation has grown about how the Covid-19 virus came into being. The official conclusion by Chinese authorities is that a dingy wet market in Wuhan – Hubei’s capital – was the source of the respiratory pathogen as animal-human transmission could have occurred there. 

There has been much speculation about a virology institute in the city, affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with rumors about a leakage due to slack management triggering a public health crisis worse than the SARS incident of 2003.

Some of the more nonsensical talk includes a conspiracy theory that the United States “made” the virus to mass-infect Chinese people and stop the rise of its arch-rival. 

Masked staff at a quarantine checkpoint at Taipei Taoyuan Airport. Photo: CNA

Now a professor in etiology at the National Taiwan University has claimed the highly infectious virus could be “synthetic” in nature, or man-made. 

“Researchers likely synthesized the Covid-19, although more studies are needed to be certain,” NTU professor Fang Chi-tai told a forum on disease control and prevention in Taipei held by the Taiwan Public Health Association earlier this month.

During his presentation, Fang outlined several hypotheses raised by Taiwanese and overseas researchers, including the probability that the virus was “man-made” and was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology due to gross mismanagement. 

Fang said the Wuhan facility’s biosafety level-4 laboratory was used to store, handle and research samples of SARS, Ebola and other deadly infectious viruses.

“Given China’s poor track record of lab safety management, including a leakage of the SARS virus at a state lab in 2004, it is possible that a virus escaped from the Wuhan facility and resulted in the epidemic,” Fang was quoted by Taiwan’s Central News Agency and the Taipei Times as saying. 

He added that analyses of the Covid-19 virus have shown that it had a 96% genetic similarity with an RaTG13 bat virus also stored at the institute, and that the Covid-19 could be “manufactured” by modifying the RaTG13 virus. 

Fang also revealed that French researchers had discovered four more amino acids in the gene sequence of Covid-19 than other known coronaviruses, which could be added artificially to make the viral transmission easier.

Fang’s theory is that natural mutations of viruses will only result in small, singular changes, and it is suspicious to see a naturally mutated virus suddenly take on four amino acids.

Determining the source of the virus would have important implications for epidemiology, he added, saying that if the virus was indeed synthetic, then it could be easier for it to be eradicated. 

A woman wearing a protective facemask walks under lanterns in Taipei during the Lunar New Year on January 30, 2020. Photo: AFP/Sam Yeh

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s top research institute Academia Sinica said its researchers had already developed an antibody testing method for Covid-19 infection and made encouraging progress in synthesizing remdesivir, a medicine that many believe could cure the infection.

Taiwan’s Center for Disease Control on Tuesday sent serum samples from three people who had contact with Taiwan’s first Covid-19 fatality to the Academia Sinica, as part of a joint effort to determine the source of that infection and if the three had developed antibodies. The initial tests showed that only one sample had antibodies for Covid-19 and SARS.

The sample was obtained from a Taiwanese businessperson who was not listed as a confirmed case, as researchers believed his immune system had beaten the virus. Yet the institute said it was still a mystery whether a person who had recovered from a novel coronavirus infection could contract it again. 

Another team at Taiwan’s Institute of Chemistry has also succeeded in synthesizing 100mg of remdesivir. 

The synthesized drug cannot be used without the consent of a US pharmaceutical firm that manufactures remdesivir. It was reported that Taiwan was negotiating a technology transfer deal to start mass production of the antiviral drug. 

Remdesivir is a novel drug developed by the California-based Gilead Sciences as a treatment for Ebola virus and Marburg virus infections, and it has subsequently been found to show antiviral activity against other viruses.

Based on its success against other coronavirus infections, Gilead provided remdesivir to physicians that treated an American patient infected with Covid-19 and was offering the compound to China for a pair of trials in infected individuals with and without severe symptoms. 

The mystery of how and where the virus started may take longer to discover than the cure.

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  1. The US stole data on Chinese DNA in 1998 for the purpose of developing biological weapon to bring down the last communist power at the time. Their efforts led to the creation of the SARS virus which targeted asians and it was released at the end of 2002 that didn’t work so they organized protests to try that didn’t work either.
    20 years later, they try bird flu, trade war, HK protests again, African Swine Flu which they used against Cuba all didn’t work so they throw their biggest weapon. A newer version of the SAR’s virus with HIV insertions that hides it from the Human Immune System. I don’t believe 180 years after the Opium wars , the west is once again using dirty evils ways to bring the Chinese people down again. The Chinese people need to unite and fight this evil, and bring the truth out for the world to see, whar kind of evil democracy the US has become.

    1. PROVE YOUR ACCUSATIONS!!! It is easy enough to retail conspiracy theories against a “favourite villain” – but proof is always lacking. Conspiracy theories are a “dime a dozen” and only show the mindset of the accuser.

      1. USA is a terrorist state. So most probably is a USA bioweapon to stop China develop. Also the pig virus made by USA

      2. Prove your denials. “He who alleges must prove.” is court nonsense. Does China have a motive to kill itself?

        1. Why does any communist regime eliminate huge chunks of their population? Inevitably it always seems to happen at one point sooner or later. China has a massive overpopulation problem and has been known to take drastic measure in order to curtail it, including limiting how many children allowed per family.. why wouldn’t they kill their own people, that’s what governments do..

          1. could be a tojan horse to carry the infection to other parts of the world, a bioweapon, bio terrorism, a war, already on the economy of the world, hopefully, nothing more, but/ we will see

          2. I couldn’t more agree. What better for a very over populated country than to remove the elderly and inform???

        2. Just make your own EE search about Chinese communist party killing chinese people from religious group they get The source from, for having fresh human organs marketed to those patients around the world that normally waits months to years before they can find a compatible donor. That’s how much the Chinese communists care about their huge population.

          1. “Living donors” waiting to be stripped apart when the foreign patient comes with no hesitation to pay whatever the market price is target at.

    2. Fang said the Wuhan facility’s biosafety level-4 laboratory was used to store, handle and research samples of SARS, Ebola and other deadly infectious viruses.

      “Given China’s poor track record of lab safety management, including a leakage of the SARS virus at a state lab in 2004, it is possible that a virus escaped from the Wuhan facility and resulted in the epidemic,” Fang was quoted by Taiwan’s Central News Agency and the Taipei Times as saying.

      He added that analyses of the Covid-19 virus have shown that it had a 96% genetic similarity with an RaTG13 bat virus also stored at the institute, and that the Covid-19 could be “manufactured” by modifying the RaTG13 virus.

      DID YOU READ THIS PART????????

      1. Yes, I read that and after considering all the facts. It just doesn’t make sense to be experimenting new viruses so close to a major city. Now, Imagine you are the president of the US would you test new deadly viruses in downtown New York ? I don’t think so ,you would do it in Georgia or the Ukraine and you would do it in secret not in an open lab where an enemy can easily destroy it. As for all the research on coronaviruses , I believe China wanted to find a vaccine for SARs. They shouldn’t have let all the research go public for other evil people to build bio-weapons. This all smells like a mis-information from the US.

    3. From an article in The Atlantic by James Hamblin on February 24, 2020:

      “In May 1997, a 3-year-old boy developed what at first seemed like the common cold. When his symptoms—sore throat, fever, and cough—persisted for six days, he was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong. There his cough worsened, and he began gasping for air. Despite intensive care, the boy died.

      Puzzled by his rapid deterioration, doctors sent a sample of the boy’s sputum to China’s Department of Health. But the standard testing protocol couldn’t fully identify the virus that had caused the disease. The chief virologist decided to ship some of the sample to colleagues in other countries.

      At the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, the boy’s sputum sat for a month, waiting for its turn in a slow process of antibody-matching analysis. The results eventually confirmed that this was a variant of influenza, the virus that has killed more people than any in history. But this type had never before been seen in humans. It was H5N1, or “avian flu,” discovered two decades prior, but known only to infect birds.

      By then, it was August. Scientists sent distress signals around the world. The Chinese government swiftly killed 1.5 million chickens (over the protests of chicken farmers). Further cases were closely monitored and isolated. By the end of the year there were 18 known cases in humans. Six people died.

    4. The Chinese People are also victims of George Soros, and his Pharmacist wife. They have been able to destroy economies, watch his many discussions on his love of this activity. And then profit from their Gilead Bioscience company, and the Wuhan companies they own. The Eco Health Alliance-USA-Live Science, is the most ardent voice attempting to cover for the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and are listed as International Partners on the web site, they created they bat virus theory.

  2. “Covid-19 may be man-made, claims Taiwan scholar”…This is the headline of an Asia Times report dated February 25, 2020 by Frank Chen. The so-called Taiwan scholar is a professor at the National Taiwan University, who claims the highly infectious virus could be ‘synthetic’.
    But, after searching the academic records of the National Taiwan University (NTU) in recent years, I decided that the views of the Taiwan “scholar” should not be taken seriously, because, on checking, the “NTU ranking falls to 14-year low” ! And this was reported by Taipei Times, Sep 08, 2017. The report further revealed that National Taiwan University’s (NTU) global ranking slid from No. 195 to No. 198 in the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings, its lowest in 14 years.
    As such, how can one trust what a relatively unknown “scholar” from NTU had spouted?

    1. Rankings, rankings, rankings. Its the blight of the academic community.
      Of more concern is the Department of the University and the author.

  3. Some of the more nonsensical talk includes a conspiracy theory that the United States “made” the virus to mass-infect Chinese people and stop the rise of its arch-rival.

    So the notion that the US would release a virus targeting China is «nonsensical», but when a Professor in Taiwan claims that it could have been released from the BSL-4 laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Mr Chen thinks this type of speculation – presented without any evidence – should be taken seriously ?!!…

    «Journalism» at its Asia Times best….


    1. So basically the author is saying China leaked the coronavirus from the lab 2019 because China had leaked SARS virus from the lab in 2004.

      Hey, professor, how do you know SARS virus was leaked from China’s lab?

      Oh, I know it.

      Given China’s poor track record of lab safety management, including a leakage of the AIDS virus at a state lab in (whatever), it is possible that a virus escaped from (whatever, not important after all)

      Hmm… How did AIDS happen? Do we have another name of virus we can frame on China?

      WOW…. such a professor!!!

  4. In any major disaster conspiracy theories start to flood in – which probably proves the innate distrust of governments (of all varieties) and journalists (of all varieties) and an inability to understand the principle of “Occam’s Razor”.

    1. Occams Razor applies quite well when you consider the likelihood of a virus, with so many unusually potent attributes, just so happening to pop up in Wuhan (out of all the possible places in a country the size of China?) A city with China’s only Level4 Biolab??

  5. Someone recently said, that panic from Covid-19 will spread much faster than the virus itself. Knowledge about how, and where it came from can only help if it prevents a similar occurrence in the future, otherwise we are just hearing rumors.
    Covid-19 presents itself as a common enemy to the entire human race and as such I hope that we can all stand together against it. Otherwise, it has the potential to not only make us sick physically, but also to become another source of distrust.

  6. According to a western educated high level Chinese operative working for the security apparatus, Chinese leaders want an effective weapon against Hong Kong demonstrators, weapon that has mind bending effects, that would disable them without resorting to firearms. They have found a man made virus being developed at Wuhan Institute of Virology. They can spray the virus on the demonstrators using helicopters or drones but hesitated for fear of causing international outcry and severe repercussions. So they have to first try the virus on human guinea pigs. They first experimented the virus on Uighurs in some far flung places nobody knows about and preliminary results appeared promising. Next they tried the agent at a military facility near the Wuhan lab on Chinese dissidents and other “undesirable opponents of the regime”. The effect on people was much worse than anticipated and some went mad, becoming zombies.

    The CIA got wind that China has succeeded in bioengineering a novel deadly virus and tried to contact researchers offering to buy a sample with large amount of cash. One of them agreed to sell and offered to meet the CIA near the Huanan wet market in Wuhan. Apparently Chinese agents were on his tail and a shootout resulted killing dozens of people. In the melee, the vial containing the virus was dropped, shattered and the deadly virus released into the environment.

    It’s noteworthy to mention that Wuhan lab is created by China’s Academy of Sciences whose head is Jiang Zemin’s own son.

    1. This virus doesn’t affect your mind, it affects your lungs. Why would the government release such a contagious virus that is so hard to control near it’s borders ? doesn’t make sense does it ?

    2. But the lab was set up by the US — so…..
      Why would any country set it up on their borders and not in HK as your “theory” suggests?

  7. it’s obvious this is man made. Yes, we do not have hard evidence but it all fits. Circumstantial evidence only.
    1. The timing is just way too convenient. There are NO such things as coincidences.
    USA has declared on several occasions China is its biggest enemy and competition.
    2. USA has been attacking China on several fronts for years. The fake news about camps where million of “Muslims were detained” that have been spread with no evidence. The Hong Kong riots, already prvlen to be instigated by USA. The constant harassment of China in south CHina seas over some rocks. The tarriffs Trump imposed. and So on.
    Funny how when a Taiwanese scientits says it’s man made, AT makes an article but people claiming USA made it is “ridiculous conspiracy theory” AT has fallen considerably in reporting news. It’s now anti China propaganda site.
    Yes, it’s man made. USA mae it to attack CHina. It’s not the virus itsef, its the economic damage that will be devastating.

    1. I agree with you 100% , Trump has no understanding of economics. He would not know what it will do the Global economy and it’s consequences.
      He may have made a slip of the tongue again and told us the truth, apparently at a press conference in New Delhi he is quoted as hinting this. “Trump hinted that he may have discovered a cure for the coronavirus, saying that health officials were “close to a vaccine”, without offering any further details”

      1. To date Trump has told the American people over 1,646 lies to the American People.
        Trump’s buddy Putin rigged the election in 2016 and Trump is on his way out. Trump favors and loves Dictators and the American citizens want him out, hopefully he will succumb to the Corona Virus that Kim Jung had unleashed …

      2. The vaccine Trump mentions is from a German lab that the Gates Foundation initially invested in around 2015 called CureVac. Trump is in somewhat of a battle with the lab and Germany. Senior scientists want the vaccine to be accessible globally and the Trump administration is taunting it so that the revenues flow through the U.S.. There has been open discussion about this in a ‘certain’ European country. That’s all I can say publicaly.

    2. What crass stupidity. China is the worlds most belligerent nation, stealing land and territorial waters from anywhere they please. They constantly threaten and harass smaller nations. Added to that, Chinese tourists are among the rudest most ill mannered people ever!

      1. Ha take a good look at yourself, and how the US was built. I refer you to the history of the American Native Indians how they were put into “reserves” to be reeducated. Slowly but surely their lands completely disappeared.
        I also refer you how the US protected German and Japanese war criminals because they wanted to steal the rocket science and bio weapons programs. And what about the WMD in Iraq Lol, and now blatantly taking Syria’s oil. Wouldn’t you consider these acts, criminal ?

      2. Ahahah that’s hilarious everything you have said can also relate to the US! 😀 You can add to the list: enforcing boycotts to starve people (Iran), wars for no reason (Irak), putting regimes in place that serves the American economy, surveillance on the whole world (Facebook). Please have a look at “Confessions of an economic hit man” and see the documentary “Citizen Four”

      3. Seriously? What about the French? Now there’s some rude-ass mf’s for ya! I don’t ever recall meeting a rude Chinese person, mostly they’re very respectful and humble people from my interactions, i find that some fellow Americans can be downright asinine to foreigners from my experience, rude, inconsiderate, ethnocentric and ignorant acting to people who have a different accent to them in many cases, as thought they assume that they must be somehow unintelligent because the speak or look differently. It makes us look really, painfully cringey, arrogant and uneducated. I hate when an American speaks English to someone who speaks English as a second language in a manner that suggests that they must think the person they’re speaking to is a retarded 4 year old, as though being bilingual somehow makes you less coherent. Hey yankee’s, i hot a tip for you.. just because you have trouble understanding someone’s accent, doesn’t mean that they’re language is unintelligible. It just means your perception is severely hampered and you have the attention span and world-view of an uncultured nat. They can understand you better than you can understand them most of the time, so act naturally.

    3. Perfect summary post. Couldn’t agree with you more. People who think this is far fetched really don’t understand how “new wars” are being fought. This is bio-terrorism– the US and Israel lead the world in this.

      1. Why would you even think American Government would release the virus to harm China and it’s people? Do you realize that 85%-95% of all food, pharmacy, electronics, etc. used by American Citizens all come from China – think before you make such foolish statements.
        Start investigating North Korea, after all, Kim murdered his Brother by having two girls rub two fluids over the face of Kim’s brother who, in turn died within 10-15 minutes.

        1. “85%-95% of all food, pharmacy, electronics, etc. all come from China”

          Show proof of this ridiculous figure or you are simply chatting shit.

    4. If this was a virus released on China by the US. Why did China seem to be more prepared as well as their stock exchange didn’t plummet much like what is happening to other countries including the US.
      China has been maintaining a pretty strong stock market in this and a few days ago was up .03% while everyone was falling.

  8. Speculations are not helpful. Past history is what makes people speculate, and US with its history of experimenting on its own population, is the usual suspect.

    But it is too easy to fall into the traps of unsubstantiated guessing.

    It is the lack of collaboration and assistance, lack of empathy — that strikes me as abnormal.

    We may one day demand to know what various labs around the world are producing. Transparency should be demanded. And unless such labs are under control of medical institutions, they should be shut down. The world is too connected today to allow such dangerous places to exist without serious professional and public oversight.

    1. I agree with what you say, but to get the Deep state to come clean would take a mighty concerted public effort. Eisenhower let people know before he left office and JFK tried to break them up only to end up dead. Yes I really wish the whole world can put aside their differences and work together to move on to other planets, the universe is so big if only the normal joe blow knew or cared. here is a link with info, shared it with other concerned people and hopefully momentum will build for change.

      1. Why are you reading articles of this nature??? How are you outside the GFW??? Does the CPC know that you have been reading articles that reflect poorly on the state??? Your friends and family would not approve or would appreciate the repercussions for your actions! CPC extends far beyond the GFW!!!

  9. Think-Who benefits from this outbreak? Only China. The China outbreak
    has stopped food shortages, bank busts, HK riots and numerous other political issues starting to gain momentum. All the rest of the following conspiracies are collateral damage which the Chinese were unable to contain. THE CHINESE PEOPLE ARE UNDER COMPLETE LOCKDOWN AND WE ARE NOT.

    1. How has it stopped food shortages by killing it’s people Haha. Stop bank bust lol you wait and see whats coming becoz of this. HK riots has stopped because the US no longer funds them.

    2. LOL! only China benefits– seriously? The US benefits WAY more. This is another shot across the bow by the US. Just wait to see how the US is replied too.

  10. History, points the finger on the culprit!
    1. Which country, pardoned notorious ww2 Japanese war crimes doctors, make them citizens, and allowed them to continue their horrendous work?
    2. Which country, has an active biological, viral warfare program and has released these agents in Africa, South America and even among their own citizens?
    3. Which country released the debilitating Agent Orange with abundance, disfiguring young generations of Vietnamese?
    4. Which country is using depleted uranium and billions of landmines in warfare?
    5. WHICH COUNTRY, has openly declared, it can fight and win an unthinkable nuclear war and has changed its mindset on using them?
    6. Which country has and is bullying the whole world, with its military might and economic sanctions?
    No prise for guessing it right.

      1. Bob, Bob, Bob. Please my bud climb on the next rocket to Mars. Gone for ever ,never ever to come back to haunt humanity! !!!!!😨

    1. Obvious answer except to the trolls posting here. The US and more recently Israel lead the world in the actions you site.

  11. If you go through the CBC news archives you will find “a” virus was sent to China from on an Air Canada flight. The RCMP are actually investigating the shipment.

    1. Thank-you for you great posts. Exactly watch what happens in the next year. Why are people so naive as to think the US doesn’t use bioterrorism?

  12. What if virus really escaped??that make sense..but it doesnt make sense that they would create bioweapon that kills I came to really escaped,but covid-19 was imagined as atacks Asian race the hardest,as if virus had the gold to do on this race-but to protect them..I think corona had to be a vaccine,but something went wrong and the virus escaped unfinished..

    1. Thank-you for the link! I have seen this information elsewhere.
      VERY believable. Remember it is all out war between the US and China. Empires do not die quietly.

  13. When you go to the dictionary to see the definition of “loon” you will find a picture of Molly Drysdale

        1. Do you realise just how ridiculous you sound? Talk about cognitive dissonance.

          You call people loons and say that is a fair description yet when you get described fairly as a troll that shows weakness….

          What a strange and idiotic creature you are.

  14. North Korean’s Dictator, Kim Jong-un’s ominous December message sending a ‘Christmas Gift’ to U.S. President Trump never arrived… or did it?
    Perhaps, Trump and America’s Civil Defense Department miscalculated by anticipating the launching of a rocket rather then a terrestrial launching of a biological virus by a frustrated Kim Jong-Un?
    After Failed negotiations and unfulfilled promises lifting sanctions by Trump discussed with prior North Korean meetings sparked anger with Kim Jong-un. Apparently Kim’s theatrical display in the destruction of one of his nuclear facilities was not enough to lift the sanctions imposed by the White House. Envious of Trump’s focus on trade negotiations with China and Trump’s failure to keep his end of the bargain: fueled intense anger prompting Kim Jong-un’s actions in sending an ominous December message sending a “Christmas Gift” to President Trump. The logical way Kim Jong-un could possibly deliver it would be by way of China via a Trojan Horse (infected pig) from North Korea’s Biological Lab with Kim Jong-un’s ‘fingerprints’ all over it.
    By reviewing the timeline of events that have occurred starting from Kim Jong’s “Christmas Gift” message to the gift being delivered throughout China in January and to unsuspecting sightseeing passengers on cruise ships happened abnormally fast with the delayed discovery of a virus called Covid-19.
    After Kim Jong’s launch of “the gift”, Kim Jong immediately secluded himself in January, as reported by Dong-a llbo. “Kim Jong-un had kept sheltered over 22 days within his residence and had closed off its border with China, and had severely limited travel between the two countries, PRIOR to China’s discovery of the coronavirus” (also referred to as COVID-19). This news had raised many eyebrows with various dignitaries and members of The United Nations. Such news may be attributed to North Korea’s advanced early Government warning as far back as early January of 2020. “North Korea instructed the hermit country to avoid a possible virus at all costs, isolating anyone who has traveled to China or has had contact with Chinese people”, as reported by Dong-a llbo and Daily Mail
    National Post (Feb 13, 2020). Pyongyang had announced changes to any impending viruses for quarantines for certain individuals from the usual 14 days to 30 days.

    1. Most likely Russia with said parties which has everything to gain and nothing to loose as well as the know-how and best capabilities to deploy.

  15. North Korean’s Dictator, Kim Jong-un is the one who was responsible for releasing the man-made COVID-19 virus. Kim Jong killed his brother, he’s capable of killing thousands. Remember the video footage showing two girls at the airport terminal who rubbed two biological fluids over Kim’s brother’s face, who died within 10 minutes after receiving it.
    Why would you even think American Government would release the virus to harm China and it’s people? Do you realize that 85%-95% of all food, pharmacy, electronics, etc. all come from China – think before you make such foolish statements.

  16. It was from a bio lab warning from 1995.A lung disease will also break out in humans through the guilt of China, where bioweapons are being researched and a carelessness is releasing pathogens.  (Billy) Edward Albert Meier

  17. Lock it down folks. People don’t want to lose their freedom so we muddle along like it’s not going to be a problem in our area. If u love your families, your friends, or care about your communities we must take more evasive steps.
    I didn’t read all of your posts so if I’m repeating someone’s comments sorry.
    I care about this country as I’m sure I’m reaching someone else that shares this opinion. This scares the xxxx out of me and mine, so, as I said in the beginning, lock your communities down. I know its unheard of in the USA and panick is not my favorite word, but I believe it’s coming judging by the near glacial movement of the authorities, and lack of medical supplies I’ve been seeing on TV, this is becoming a big flippin mess.
    This is only an opinion,but, thanks for, I guess you could say, listening.

  18. Folks, I do not believe this is the time for pointing fingers. We have a series Crisis with Covid 19 that we have to contend with now no matter whose responsible. Isn’t the bottom line for all of us to band together now & follow instructions to the best of our ability and Pray to GOD or who ever you pray to, that they get a Cure & a Vaccine for this Virus & get this Pandemic stopped?

  19. You are right Marti Jo McKeighen. I’m going to try and find a bio suit or two to wear. I wont shake hands or hug friends. Getting change from the store last night the cashier touched my hand, I went home and scrubbed my hands with Dawn and Lysol it just flipped me out. People are starting get the message now but, too late!
    We’ve been warned about this very scenario for many years and because the virus isn’t peeling your skin off and killing in seconds people want to keep on like it’s not affecting them. Good luck Marti, hope you dont catch it. Also the rest of you guys, and Molly, good luck.

  20. This is a 3rd world war.
    This is such a miracle that China and the US do not have to fight a hot battle. China and the West fought a battle with the virus separately. Now that China had mobilized decisively and curbed that outbreak. The current situation in EU does not look good. And it is not even possible to predict the endgame in the US.
    Any way, it is a demonstration of national capability (governance, industrial output, and citizens support, etc). This is what a 3rd world war demands. By comparing the report cards, the rest of the world will be the judges of the scores.

  21. Here in the USA it seems people have reached the tipping point when it comes to attitudes towards China. It is now 100% clear that China is the deadly enemy of the USA and we must respond. Our media, much of which is on the Chinese payroll, tries to deflect from the fact that the virus originated in China. Fortunately our President Trump despises the fake news media and tells the truth about China. We are going to bring all our production from China back to the USA where it belongs. Without the USA, China will revert to what it was before the USA and Europe raised China out of the dark ages. Unless of course the Chinese can muster the courage to replace the Communist dictatorship with a democratic system.

  22. Good comment Frank. Glad you mention the fake news. They are the enemy within. Not sure they are all on the China payroll though. Some of them just like Communism and hate America.

  23. China people are so cunning fellows they have so much jealous on countries like india,usa,russian so they have made attempts to make a synthetic bacteria to fight bio war on these countries so i dont like china and chinese people

  24. Pft….I believe we all know this is man made, but are too scared to resign to the fact that a handful of governments can kill the entire population.
    How about just resigning that we all are going to die one day, this “virus” just speeds along what is inevitable. I’ve been out in public, working, socializing etc. Meh, we either die today, tomorrow or whenever, like who cares. 🤷‍♀️

    1. TruthSeeker, You must not have anything useful to contribute to society or anyone who needs your care or love. Please continue to expose yourself if you wish, but don’t go to the hospital when you get sick that would be a waste of valuable resources.

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