Police have detained the man three times. Photo: www.sohu.com

A 41-year-old Chinese man says he may be a victim of identity theft after repeatedly being detained by police.

A man from Shangrao in the northeast of Jiangxi province has been detained three times when he checks into hotels and has been told he had been flagged as a suspect by the police system.

The man told a reporter from the Paper that he was innocent but had been detained three times since July 21 in hotel rooms he stayed in briefly as his son had to see a doctor at Huashan Hospital in Shanghai.

He was asked by police for his ID card and interrogated as if he had committed a crime. The man was detained in hotel rooms by police in March 2019 in Yiwu, central Zhejiang province, and February 2018 in Quzhou, western Zhejiang province.

At about 3pm on July 29, accompanied by a reporter, the man went to the Luoqiao Branch of the Shangrao Public Security Bureau to find out why he kept being detained.

According to the police, the man was a suspect in a robbery on June 19, 2017, in charges filed by the Intermediate People’s Court in Dongguan. The officer in charge at the Luoqiao Branch of the Shangrao Public Security Bureau told the man that his identity could have been stolen, or there had been some errors by the court.

Further details of the case were only available from the party who filed it, meaning the man had to visit the Intermediate People’s Court in Dongguan to clear his name.

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