The Peixian People's Court in Jiangsu province, China. Photo:

A man was jailed for 12 years by a court in Jiangsu province for fraud on August 3, but three women who lent him their bank cards still had to repay loans the man took out in their names.

The women, with the surnames Wang, Gao and Zu, were friends and told the Paper that despite the man surnamed Zhang being jailed for 12 years by the Peixian People’s Court, they still had to repay loans he took out in their names.

The court heard that in 2016, Gao met Zhang, who claimed he was about to receive a sum of money by bank transfer. However, due to personal credit issues, he could not use his own bank account and asked to use hers for the transaction.

Gao believed Zhang’s story and asked her friends Wang and Zu to help by using their bank cards from Jiangsu Bank. Zhang then used those cards to take out bank loans.

On October 12, 2017, when Gao visited her bank, she was told by a bank employee that she had huge loan repayments outstanding, prompting her to confront Zhang, who surrendered to police the following day.

Zhang was jailed for fraud after taking 1.319 million yuan in loans under the names of Wang, Gao and Zu, while 121,000 yuan was spent paying off his own debts and 1.198 million yuan was unaccounted for.

Despite the fact that Zhang was ordered to pay Wang, Gao and Zu, the man claimed he was broke and failed to pay them. Meanwhile, Wang, Gao and Zu were still obligated to repay their banks 310,000 yuan, 420,000 yuan and 320,000 yuan respectively.

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