Hubei Shuren School. Photo: Baidu Maps

A teacher who was caught beating up his students on security footage was fired by a primary school in Hebei province in northern China and would be barred from teaching, according to local authorities.

Video footage showed a private primary school teacher in Lincheng County in southwest Hebei province dragging a student into a corner and beating him up, according to a report from Hebei Television.

Students told a reporter that the teacher was notorious for using corporal punishment and almost all of those interviewed admitted they had been beaten by the teacher more than once. Many said they dared not inform their parents as previously a classmate who told his parents about the beatings was given more severe punishment.

The video was seen by officials at the Lincheng Education Bureau, who told the media they had conducted an investigation at Hubei Shuren School and taken a series of measures to rectify the situation, the Paper reported.

The principal and teacher were ordered to apologize to students and parents. The institution was also required to offer psychological counselling sessions to the students. Hubei Shuren School was issued with a warning and officers from the education bureau would conduct on-site supervision and inspections.

The teacher will be dismissed by the school and blacklisted and barred from future employment at any education institutions.

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