A woman in eastern China's Zhejiang province told police she was live streamed by her roommate, who allegedly used a mobile phone to film her in the shower. Photo: Qianjiang Evening News

A young woman in eastern China’s Zhejiang province reported to police that someone was live streaming videos from the bathroom of her shared apartment. Her male roommate was later arrested.

At about 10pm on July 22, a woman alerted the Binjiang police after she found a smartphone on the floor of the bathroom with its camera pointing at the shower area, the Qianjiang Evening News reported.

The victim told officers that she and her boyfriend had moved into the apartment at the beginning of this year. She had no idea how long she had been preyed on.

The alleged crime scene was an apartment containg four bedrooms, each of which was rented out to different tenants who shared the living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Officers quickly identified one of the tenants as the suspect. He told police that he owned two smartphones, one of which was found in the bathroom. Both devices were logged on to Tencent’s QQ messaging platform.

The suspect has been detained for five days for further investigation.

Binjiang police warned that people should be vigilant when sharing an apartment with new tenants and keep an eye on the public areas.

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