Denise Ho speaking in Geneva. Photo: YouTube.

Hong Kong singer-artist Denise Ho Wan-sze has accused China of backtracking on its “one country, two systems” commitment during a speech before the United Nations’ Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.

Invited by the UN Watch and the Human Rights Foundation, Ho gave a short speech which was twice interrupted by a delegate representing Beijing. The pro-democracy artist said that democracy and human rights guaranteed by the Vienna Declaration on human rights were under serious attack in Hong Kong through the controversial extradition bill – which could enable Beijing to extradite individuals labeled as suspects located in Hong Kong.

About 30 seconds into her speech, Chinese delegate Dai Demao interrupted her, pointing out to the council that her words violate the one-China principle in the UN Charter when she mentioned the city alongside China.

When she continued her speech she said that the city’s people have been frustrated as China has been backtracking on its  promise of “One country, two systems”, citing six lawmakers being disqualified, booksellers going missing and activists being jailed.

Dai interrupted her again, saying that Ho was attacking the two systems principle and asked the council to stop her “insulting” speech.

She concluded her speech by urging the Human Rights Council to arrange an emergency meeting for the protection of Hong Kong and to remove China from the council if it continued to disrespect and disregard human rights.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said at a press conference on Tuesday that the controversial extradition bill was “dead.”

She pointed out that her stance was definitive despite protesters demanding a full withdrawal of the bill. She also said the government’s work was a “complete failure” in amending the law and stated there is no plan to revive the bill when the current Legislative Council’s term ends in 2020.

However, Lam continued to stand firm on not setting up a commission to investigate the clashes between protestors and the police throughout all the protests. She said the Independent Police Complaints Council will investigate the saga.

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