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Good Samaritan drivers who return lost-and-found items to passengers should get paid for the fare incurred, according to the ride hailing service company Didi Chuxing.

According to a report by China News, Didi officially implemented on July 4 a trial scheme on guidelines for the general management of lost and found, during which the driver should be paid by the passenger who required the return of their lost items.

Apart from the courier fee or fare incurred, the driver should not ask for further complementary fees from the passenger, the guideline noted.

However, quite a number of netizens have argued that it should be up to the owner to decide if they were willing to express their gratitude to the driver by making an additional payment.

The guideline was a result of a public consultation conducted between June 11 and 17, during which a total of 1,100 replies were gathered from Didi users.

The handling of lost items was the most discussed topic, with up to 51.3% of respondents saying that they had lost items in the car using the ride-hailing service.

If the lost item is a fresh and perishable food items, drivers can use their discretion if the customer cannot retrieve the item within 24 hours.

Some netizens also suggested that CCTV cameras should be installed inside the vehicle for safety reasosns, and a new function should be available on the mobile application that could detect and remind passengers to take all their belongings when they leave the vehicle.

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