The teacher and 15 of his students are going on a 16-day cycling trip southbound. Photo: huiyun

A 46-second video showing a teacher taking his high-school students to an internet cafe has gone viral in recent days, with hundreds of millions of citizens mostly cheering the teacher’s bold move.

Lan Huiyun, a geography teacher in Shanxi province, told he had not expected the video of the good times he shared with his high school students on June 9 would hit the internet and receive a staggering 370 million-plus views.

Taking students to the cafe was actually just keeping a promise he made around three years ago. The teacher welcomed the students on the first day they had moved to his senior secondary class, and Lan motivated them to put study first to prepare them for the Chinese college entrance exam.

Lan said he told the 15-year-olds: “After the exam, we shall play hard at some decent internet cafe for some happy moments.”

To reassure parents that their children – his 100 students – would be safe, Lan and his wife rented the entire venue for 3,000 yuan, while the couple joined the teenagers throughout the event, from day till night.

It was indeed not the first crazy activity Lan had enjoyed with his students. The creative soul had once proposed that they should draw graffiti on more than 170 plates covering sewage tanks in school. Higher authorities supported those creative moves.

Lan told a reporter that in order to spend the last summer days before his students enter university, on Wednesday June 12, he and about 15 students had to set off a 16-day cycling trip south, starting from the campus, passing through Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places, with Shanghai as their destination.

As a geography teacher, Lan said it was a great, touching experience for him to guide students on field trips during which the youngsters could get firsthand experience and learn more about local customs.

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