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The Bureau of Immigration has canceled work visas issued in the Philippines to 528 foreigners due to fraud.

Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said that six companies were subjected to an audit of visas, which found that some of their foreign workers submitted fake Alien Employment Permits, which is a requirement for foreign workers in the Philippines, the Manila Standard reported.

“I have directed the intelligence division to conduct a case buildup against said companies after receiving information that they have petitioned foreign nationals by submitting fake documents,” Morente said.

The Bureau said most of the foreigners whose visas were canceled were Indian or Chinese – 259 Indians and 230 Chinese.

Others affected by the move include 14 Koreans, 11 Japanese, five Taiwanese, three Vietnamese and a German, a Burmese, a Nigerian, a Nepali, a Sudanese and a Yemeni.

The foreigners violated Section 37 of the Philippine Immigration Act in regard to misrepresentation and fraud. The 528 individuals will be deported from the country and be blacklisted.

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