Miaoli County Government, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A young Vietnamese man who was working illegally in Taiwan fell from a building site and died while being chased by police during a recent raid.

The 20-year-old man worked for a contractor doing public works in Miaoli County, western Taiwan. He entered Taiwan on a tourist visa and overstayed to work illegally. He has recently been hired as an ironworker building a school facility commissioned by the Miaoli County government, the Liberty Times reported.

During a recent police raid, the man and other illegal migrants ran from officers at the construction site. He fell from a height and was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

The project developer denied any knowledge of the illegal workers and blamed the contractor.

The chief of the labor and youth development department said an agreement had been reached between the developer and the family of the deceased, while the Miaoli County Government was still gathering evidence about who hired the illegal workers, which would be a violation of the Employment Services Act involving a fine of between NT$150,000 and NT$750,000.

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