Virginie Dulauroy working on an image sequence for the "making of" Jackie Chan DC Racing at Le Mans. SARTHE, FRANCE

As Jackie Chan DC Racing eyes next weekend’s signature 24 Hours of Le Mans World Endurance Championship race, the highlights of the Beijing based racing team will be digitally immortalized by the artistic touch of French videographer Virginie Dulauroy.

The racing team, owned by the famed movie/action star and whose triumphant LMP2 one-two in 2017 she also recorded, will once again attempt to challenge the quicker and bigger factory teams in the world’s greatest endurance race.

“The artistic element of my videos is asking myself what position to be in to get the best shot, and also working on blurriness,” said Dulauroy. “I am a huge fan of Clint Eastwood because he has a unique eye and a signature way of filming.

“During the free practice session, I often walk the edge of the track to find spots I appreciate,” she continued. “I never take a shuttle. I even walked the entire length of the 24 Hours circuit last year to choose shooting locations. It allows me to find places one does not necessarily see.”

Dulauroy approaches every project with the same dedication to art: “When I freeze an image in a video, I want to be able to say it would be a beautiful picture to frame.”

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