The alleged thief's car (red) in Tai Wo, the New Territories. Photo: Facebook

A woman retrieved her handbag after jumping into and stopping the thief’s car in Tai Po in Hong Kong’s New Territories on Tuesday.

At 1 pm, the housewife was driving her car with her three-year-old daughter inside while her husband drove a red BMW back to his office after having lunch together, news website reported.

The woman found her husband’s mobile phone in her car and the couple agreed to meet at a gas station in Tai Wo for the pickup. When she got out of her car and handed the mobile phone to her husband, a man approached her car and stole her Coach handbag before returning to his silver-colored seven-seater vehicle.

There was a Gucci wallet containing HK$10,000 (US$1,247) inside the handbag. She ran after the thief and jumped into the seven-seater vehicle to stop the thief driving away.

According to a video from a dashboard camera, the door of the driver seat of the thief’s vehicle did not close properly. The woman said she tried to control the steering wheel and put on the brakes when the thief accelerated, causing the vehicle to bump a coach parked nearby.

Her husband witnessed the scene and jumped into his car to chase after the thief. He finally intercepted the thief’s car, Headline Daily reported. The video showed the thief’s car crashed into the kerb and stopped. The woman left the car with her handbag.

Police arrived and arrested and charged the man with theft and dangerous driving. Both the husband and wife were sent to a hospital for medical treatment.

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