Photo: YouTube.

Elementary school students in Vietnam will be taught the “underwear rule” to keep them safe from predators in light of the increasing number of molestation cases.

From this year onwards, the teaching of sexual abuse prevention has been ruled mandatory in elementary schools throughout Vietnam by the Ministry of Education, VN Express reported. A set of illustrated manuals will be added to teaching equipment for first-grade students.

The announcement from the authorities pointed out that the manuals must include illustrations on primary prevention from possible sexual abuse. One of them urged students not to let anyone touch body parts covered by underwear, and the other provided guidance on where to seek help when facing a dangerous situation.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, about 1,300 cases of sexual violence against children were reported in 2018, and that more cases went unreported. In most cases, the aggressors turned out to be people familiar to the victims, including teachers, school guards, neighbors and relatives.

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