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Two Filipinos suspected for robbery were shot dead in a shootout with police in Ermita, Manila, on Tuesday.

At 2:36 am on Tuesday, Allan Damalong, 38, and Michael Dequiñon, 21, were riding a motorcycle and robbed a man and a woman who were on their way home, the Philippines Daily Inquirer reported.

The victims were waiting for a jeepney when the suspects stole a bag and a phone from them. They immediately reported the incident at a police checkpoint near the area. Police chased after the suspects and caught up with them at McArthur Bridge, where the suspects allegedly shot at police.

Officers retaliated and the two suspects were shot dead. Authorities retrieved two .38-caliber revolvers, seven empty shells and the suspects’ motorcycle at the scene. Police said the bodies of the suspects were brought to the Archangel Funeral Parlor.

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