Central in Hong Kong where a lot of pickpockets operate. Photo: Google Maps

Two Filipina domestic workers fell victim to pickpockets in Hong Kong on Sunday with at least one losing her entire month’s salary.

A Filipina posted a photo of the woman crying on a sidewalk near Nan Fung Centre in Tsuen Wan, the New Territories, at about 10 am on her Facebook page, along with a warning to others to be wary of pickpockets, sunwebhk.com reported.

The Filipina said the woman was incoherent and almost inconsolable when she discovered her salary was gone. She had called the police.

Meanwhile, another Filipina reportedly lost her wallet also to pickpockets, as she was lining up at a busy McDonald’s outlet on Connaught Road in Central.

She lost her wallet containing money, her Hong Kong ID card, jewelry and other items. A friend of the victim said on Facebook that she had her bag in front of her body but still failed to prevent the theft.

Pickpockets are known to abound in Central and other places where domestic workers gather on Sundays, because of the busy pedestrian traffic and congested walkways.

Many of them operate during the first Sunday of each month when most migrant workers get paid.

Five Filipino tourists, three of them women, were each sentenced at the District Court on May 14 to two years in jail for trying to steal a wallet from a Korean woman on an escalator inside Central MTR station last year.

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