Pasar Senen train station. Photo: YouTube.

Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI), a state-owned railway corporation, has provided a co-working space at its Gambir Station in Jakarta as one of the new facilities set up for travelers.

A spokesman for KAI said the co-working space was made for passengers to conduct their work at the station, The Jakarta Post reported. The facility is an air-conditioned room that can hold 20 people, with access to the Internet, a charging station and mineral water for users to drink.

Dadan R Rudiansyah of KAI said nature-themed waiting rooms were also set up to ensure the comfort of the passengers as they wait for their trains.

The facilities were mainly set up to help travelers get through their Eid-ul-Fitr journeys with more comfort and ease.

The company has also set up similar waiting rooms at its Pasar Senen train station in Central Jakarta. Additional chairs have been set up at the station to prevent travelers from sleeping on the floor while waiting for their departure, which has happened during previous festivals.

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