Elephants are targeted for their tusks to make ivory products. Photo: YouTube.

Indonesian authorities have arrested three individuals for allegedly trading in illegal ivory products as well as other endangered wildlife products.

On April 28, officers from the Environment and Forestry Ministry arrested the three suspects identified only by their initials OF, 38, CK, 44, and MHF, 31, The Jakarta Post reported. They were taken into custody at separate locations in Pati, Central Java.

They reportedly sold jewelry and other items such as ashtrays via three different Facebook accounts. According to the authorities, the three actively sold tobacco pipes made from elephant tusks to buyers throughout Indonesia.

Ivory products, deer antlers, sun bear claws as well as an elephant tusk were seized in the operation.

The trio could be charged under Law No.5/1990 on natural resource and environmental conservation. If found guilty, they could be given a maximum penalty of five years in jail and a fine of 100 million Rupiahs (US$7,028.)

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