Teenage prankster dressed up as a ghost is confronted by police in Pemalang, Indonesia. Image: YouTube.

Police arrested a 15-year-old boy in Central Java, Indonesia, for dressing up as a ghost and scaring motorists.

The boy, identified as AM, had been spooking motorists at night in the Mulyoharjo district of Pemalang, The Jakarta Post reported. Local police officers received several reports of “ghost sightings” in the past few days before his arrest.

Local officers and neighborhood watch members conducted investigations and patrolled the area. On Sunday night, they caught the “ghost” when he tried to scare them.

Ketut Mara, the local police chief, said AM was merely reprimanded because he is a minor. He added that serious accidents could have been caused by the prankster, who told officers he had done it for fun.

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