The Asia American International Academy in Taipei, Taiwan. Photo: Facebook

A well-known immigration consultancy in Taipei City in Taiwan was in trouble on Monday for allegedly forging Philippine passports to help more than 10 Taiwanese pupils get enrolled in an international school which only permits foreign nationals.

Jason Wang, the owner of Chau Morn Consultants Co Ltd, was arrested along with five others on May 20 on suspicion of violating Article 212 which covers forging passports, the China Times reported.

Authorities noted that they received complaints regarding more than 10 pairs of Taiwanese parents who were allegedly buying fake Philippine passports for their children so they could enroll them in the Asia American International Academy (AAIA), New Taipei City’s first international American curriculum school.

The private, co-educational, independent school offers a college preparatory education to students from grade 6 through to grade 12, however, limited to school-age children who are foreign passport holders.

Preliminary investigations found that the agency had been assisting more than 10 parents and their Taiwanese children get into the school with Philippine passports, charging each NT$100,000 (US$3,171).

During the arraignment, Wang told the media he was also fooled by foreign officials who had guaranteed the documents were genuine. He is now out on bail of NT$1 million (US$31,710).

Meanwhile, the school’s representative said they had not noted any abnormalities over students’ passports during the annual enrolment.

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