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Police in Indonesia have arrested an escaped inmate who allegedly orchestrated a prison break that led to the escape of 30 prisoners.

Officers in Palembang, South Sumatra arrested an escapee named Fahmi, who was detained with seven other inmates who had fled with him through the ventilation system of their holding cell, The Jakarta Post reported.

According to Palembang Police chief Didi Hayamansyah, the escapees had been planning the breakout for a week. They used a hacksaw to cut through iron bars covering the ventilation system of the cell.

Indah, the wife of a prisoner named Arif Hidayatullah, who remains on the run, was arrested after it was discovered that she had smuggled in the saw that was used for the breakout. She revealed that she hid the saw in a bag of food that she gave to her husband during a prison visit.

The prison staff reportedly did not check the contents of the bag.

Hayamansyah said seven officers have since been questioned. If negligence on their part is proven, they will be met with sanctions, said the police chief. CCTV cameras will also be re-installed.

A special task force will be dispatched to locate the 22 remaining fugitives.

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