Taipei, Taiwan. Photo: iStock.

Authorities in Vietnam have named two people as suspects in a case that involves trafficking people who want to work illegally in Taiwan.

Nguyen Van Hao, 27, and Dang Tuan Tu, 28, are being investigated for alleged human trafficking, VN Express reported. Another five other unnamed individuals are also being probed for extortion and illegal detention.

Police in Quang Ninh Province said Dang initially introduced 10 unidentified people to Nguyen, who had said that he could get people to Taiwan for illegal work. In April, the group went to China through a border checkpoint in Lang Son province.

Upon arriving in China, the 10 people gave Nguyen 40 to 100 million dong (US$1,700 to $4,270) for passage on a ship to Taiwan. But the moment they boarded the vessel, Nguyen fled with the money, which forced the group to return home.

Dang later found out that Nguyen was living in Quang Ninh and hired men to retrieve the stolen money. Nguyen returned 200 million dong (US$8,540) and turned himself in to the police on May 3.

Taiwan has become a destination for illegal workers from Vietnam in recent years. In late 2018, 152 Vietnamese nationals went missing in Taiwan after arrival, many of whom were found trying to be looking for unregistered work.

Taiwan then suspended a visa program for Vietnamese tour groups for about two months before resuming with stricter regulations in March 2019.

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