Authorities urge citizens to get vaccinated. Photo: YouTube

At least 1,193 cases of measles were reported in Hanoi since the beginning of 2019, according to Vietnamese authorities.

Viet Nam News reported that Hanoi recorded 88 cases of measles last week. The number of measles cases decreased slightly compared to previous weeks. However, measles was likely to persist, with about 70 to 80 cases being projected per week, said the Hanoi Center for Disease Control.

Nguyen Nhat Cam, the director of the center, said authorities in Hanoi have been warning citizens about a potential outbreak of the strain since 2018. He pointed out that the highly contagious disease could infect 100% of unvaccinated individuals when exposed to a carrier.

Apart from Hanoi, other areas in Vietnam have been hit by measles. In February 2019, 43 provinces had recorded the disease.

Hanoi vaccinated more than 500,000 children aged 1-5 by the end of last year as well as earlier this year. Nguyen said the rate of vaccinated children suffering from the disease was relatively low – proving the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Statistics from the Hanoi Center for Disease Control indicated that the city had been recording smaller, scattered outbreaks in urban and rural districts. The health department stated that citizens should take the initiative and get vaccinated in order to prevent the spread.

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