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A man has been arrested in northern Laos by the authorities after being caught trying to move drugs, explosives and ammunition into Vietnam.

Thao Chu Chang was apprehended in a joint effort on Saturday between Lao officials and border guards in Thanh Hoa Province, VN Express reported.

The man was nabbed when 12,000 ecstasy pills, 180 carbine bullets and two kilograms of dynamite.

Chang was arrested in Houaphanh Province before he could deliver those items to Vietnam. He allegedly admitted that he had bought the items in Sam Neua province and was planning to smuggle them into the neighboring country.

Lao authorities and border guards at Thanh Hoa are investigating the case to try to identify the drug syndicate behind the drugs, as well as other individuals involved before they hand Chang and the seized items over to officials in Houaphanh.

Despite boasting some of the toughest drug laws in the world, drug trafficking has gotten worse in Vietnam over the past few years. It is well-placed geographically to serve as a hub to traffic narcotics from the Golden Triangle to other countries across the Asia Pacific.

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