Intel may move its Utah production line to Fab 68 in Dalian. Handout.

US technology giant Intel is making plans to move its production line of 3D XPoint/Optane memory to China amid plans to sell a Utah production facility to Micron, reported, citing Anandtech.

Intel previously announced its plan to sell its stake in IM Flash’s factory in Lehi, Utah, as it will need to find a new production line for its persistent memory product.

At present, the 3D XPoint memory is exclusively manufactured at the Utah factory, the report said. No timeframe was given, but, according to the deal between Intel and Micron, the latter will continue supplying this memory until at least late 2020.

The chipmaker is considering moving the production of its 3D XPoint/Optane memory to its Fab 68 facility in Dalian, located in Liaoning province.

Fab 68 started production in 2010 and is currently used exclusively for the company’s 3D NAND memory.

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