Xingnan night market, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

An excursion to go shopping at the night market in New Taipei City proved to be a costly decision for four Indonesian women, who were intercepted by police – as they were set to take a taxi home – and arrested.

The police suspected the women were illegal migrant workers, and it turned out that their instincts were right.

Officers from Zhonghe Precinct of the New Taipei City Police Department were patrolling on Tuesday along Xingnan Road, where there is a small market for locals, The United Daily News reported.

The four women were seen hurrying to get into a taxi, which spurred the officers to come forward and check their identification.

The women reportedly evaded the officers’ questions, which prompted the officers to scan the women’s fingerprints and send them to the National Immigration Agency’s New Taipei City Brigade for a check.

It turned out the four women – aged from 24 to 44 – were illegal migrant workers, who had run away from their former employment as caregivers. One had left her job two months ago, while the longest had overstayed for four years. They were working as cleaners.

All of the women were referred to the National Immigration Agency and are expected to be sent back to their homeland once the authorities complete their investigation.

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