CCTV footage caught the Filipinos leaving in haste one day in October 2018. Photo: Sung Han/Facebook

The daughter of a 79-year-old landlord in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore, wrote on her social media page, with illustrations, after she found her father’s rental premises were left badly damaged by a Filipino couple who moved out without refurbishing it as promised, and without paying outstanding bills.

On May 4, Sung Han vented her anger in a social media post by warning all Singapore landlords about a Filipino couple who left without repairing damages caused while they were renting her father’s ensuite room between July 2017 and October 2018.

Her elderly father, who was reportedly illiterate and had a heart condition, depended on the rental income from the premises to cover his medical expenses. Now, according to his daughter, he has to face the ordeal and expense of refurbishing his room, which she said was going to cost him more than S$2,000 (US$1,468) to fix.

According to the woman, it was a newly renovated unit, leased out at S$950 monthly (approximately US$700). The tenants were also provided with new electrical appliances, including an induction cooker, a washer and a refrigerator.

The complainant said she had had a good relationship with the couple until on one occasion in February last year when she was taken aback by mold-covered walls and ceilings, a broken fan and a burned induction cooker in the room.

The couple at that time promised to restore everything to its original condition before they moved out.

However, around eight months later in early October the Filipina informed the woman that they would soon leave for Europe as her husband had been promoted. They again reassured her that they would take care of any necessary refurbishments to the unit.

However in late October the couple left in haste, after which they were unable to be contacted at their work places.

The unsettled damages included restoration to mold-and-grease-covered walls, months of outstanding utilities bills, a damaged induction cooker, and a broken electric fan.

The complainant explained that this was why she had filed a case with the police and had shared the story on the Internet.

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