Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Photo: Google Maps
Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Photo: Google Maps

Filipino migrant workers have been warned not to associate with syndicates involved in producing fake work documents to get employment abroad.

Jaime Morente, the Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration, said the warning comes after another Filipina was stopped from leaving the Philippines after presenting a fake overseas employment certificate and tampered clearance from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

The Filipina was bound for Damman, Saudi Arabia, to be employed as a domestic worker, but was intercepted by members of the BI’s Travel Control and Enforcement Unit at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Morente urged Filipino migrant workers not to take “shortcuts” when leaving the country and avoid associating with syndicates supplying forged documents. “Deal only with licensed recruiters and not with these human traffickers, whose only motive is to earn profits at the expense of our poor compatriots,” Morente said.

The BI reported that during the Easter holiday in April, about 14 Filipinos were stopped from leaving the country as they had fake work and travel documents. Morente said presenting the false documents would not fool immigration officers as their computer system was linked with the POEA.

“Do not take so-called shortcuts just to work abroad. It is for your own protection,” Morente said.

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