Conde S. Januário Hospital. Photo: Google Maps

A 27-year-old female visitor to Macau from the Philippines was diagnosed with measles on Wednesday

The visitor came to Macau to visit her family members on April 24, Jornal Va Kio reported. Three days later, after she developed a fever and a rash, she went to Conde S. Januário Hospital for a medical check. There, laboratory tests showed a positive result for measles.

The Filipina, who continues to have a fever but is in fair condition, remains in hospital. She had never been vaccinated against measles. 

After checking her travel history, the health bureau concluded that the Filipina was infected with measles in her home country before visiting Macau. Her family members reportedly did not show any symptoms.

The health bureau is monitoring the health status of people who had contact with the patient during the onset of the virus.

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