Macau. Photo: iStock
Macau where the alleged assault took place. Photo: iStock

A 33-year-old Filipino tourist was arrested by judiciary police in Macau for allegedly beating his girlfriend on Monday.

The suspect, named Mangulabnan, had been looking for a job in Macau after arriving in the city with his Filipina girlfriend last month and renting an apartment near Travessa do Patane, Today Macao reported.

However, the man had been unable to find a job over the past month. He allegedly vented his anger on his girlfriend by beating her, slapping her face and squeezing her neck.

The suspect also took the woman’s passport to prevent her from leaving. He also threatened that he would not support her two children back in the Philippines.

Given the threats, the woman did not report the incident. But their landlady, said to be a Filipina, noticed what had happened to the victim and reported the abuse to police.

The suspect denied using violence on the woman. But after an initial investigation, the police believed that the suspect had abused the woman and arrested him pending further inquiries.

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