Filipino dance group VPeepz have a chance to win US$1 million in US dance competition World of Dance. Photo: YouTube

A Filipino dance group has advanced to the finals of US dance competition “World of Dance” after winning the junior team division.

VPeepz, composed of female and male dancers aged 11 to 16 years old, competed in the Junior Team division of the competition and their latest performance on the show received the highest score, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Pop singer Ne-Yo, who serves as a judge on the show, praised the group’s synchronicity.

“There’s a level of synchronicity that you guys have that I can genuinely say there are very few people in this competition that even come close. It’s that good,” Ne-Yo said.

One of the other judges, Jennifer Lopez, noted the group’s unique formation simulating a member of the team getting her legs broken in midair.

“The illusion of it was a really great illusion. That really gave you guys a high point in the middle of your routine,” Lopez said.

VPeepz advanced to the world finals of the competition, where they will face three other contestants for the grand prize of US$1 million.

Prior to World of Dance, VPeepz were finalists in the 2018 World Hip Hop Championship held in Arizona. The group was also back-to-back regional champions of Hip Hop International Philippines from 2017 to 2018, and national champions in 2018.

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