The bus rolled over after failing to climb a steep slope. Photo: Bogor Police

A tourist bus in Indonesia rolled over on Tuesday while it was climbing a steep road, leaving at least five passengers injured.

On May 1, the bus was climbing Jalan Raya Puncak in Bogor, West Java, when it rolled over at about 12 pm, The Jakarta Post reported. The vehicle was carrying a group of elementary school students from SDN Cisoka in Tangerang Banten.

The students were on their way to a water park in Puncak when the accident happened, said police traffic unit chief Muhammad Fadli Amri.

According to Amri, it was suspected the bus failed to climb the Selarong slope and the brakes failed. As the bus rolled back down the slope, the driver turned the steering wheel, causing the bus to roll over.

The driver was taken in for questioning and the bus was taken for an examination as well. No casualties were reported and the five injured were taken to the Ciawi regional hospital in Bogor for treatment.

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