Caloocan City, Philippines. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino boy who was killed after being hit by a “stray” bullet fired from a police officer’s gun was laid to rest in Tala Cemetery in Caloocan City, just north of Manila.

The tragedy happened on April 30, when a police officer and a supposed suspect had a shootout. A “stray” bullet, which was confirmed to have come from the police officer’s gun, hit the forehead of six-year-old Gian Habal, who was playing outside his home with his mother, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

The boy’s grandmother, Elsa Montañez, rushed outside the house after hearing the gunshot. Montañez looked for the gunman and saw that the only person around was a uniformed police officer, identified as Rocky delos Reyes.

Montañez grabbed the officer by the collar, but he shot the ground three times and hit her foot. She let go of him and he fled on his motorcycle.

Delos Reyes surrendered and admitted to shooting Montañez but not the boy. He claimed that he traded shots with a wanted drug suspect in the area.

Local authorities appear to doubt the officer’s story, as the policeman has been charged with murder and attempted murder by the Caloocan City Prosecutor’s Office.

On Tuesday morning, Habal was buried beside his father at Tala Cemetery.

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