Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office. Photo: Google Maps

A 52-year-old Taiwanese man was charged by Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office after a police investigation found sufficient evidence that he had attempted to rape an Indonesian woman in April last year while abusing his power as her employer.

The accused, surnamed Kan, hired the victim from September 2017 as a domestic caregiver to look after his elderly parents, the United Daily News reported.

At around 4pm on April 21, 2018, the woman was allegedly ordered by Kan to give him a massage. He then reportedly removed all of his clothes and forced the worker to stroke his genitals.

The worker, who still had to repay debts incurred in order to get to work in Taiwan, complied with the employer’s requests as she feared losing her job and facing possible repatriation.

However, when the man then requested that she perform oral sex on him, she pretended not to understand.

That night, the victim managed to call for help via the Counseling and Protection Hotline for Foreign Workers. During the call she reported the alleged sexual assault case.

Upon his arrest, the man only admitted to asking the worker to give him a massage.

With evidence, including the victim’s voice recording during the 1955 hotline call, as well as the fact that she was in a vulnerable position as his employee, the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office decided to press charges against Kan of abuse of authority in attempting to rape his employee.

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