A teen gang brawl caught on camera. Photo: YouTube

Another teenager has died in a brawl between two gangs in Jakarta. Muhammad Syafei’i, the police chief of Senen, Central Jakarta, said the brawl on May 5 involved two gangs of teenagers who live on Jalan Kramat II in Kwitang subdistrict, The Jakarta Post reported.

The victim, a 17-year-old, was slashed with a sickle on his abdomen during the fight. He was taken to a hospital immediately but died after losing too much blood.

The two gangs went on social media and agreed to the fight. A total of 18 teenagers were arrested for being involved in the brawl. Syafei’i said one of them was bound to reveal who used the sickle on the victim.

A few days earlier, another teenager was killed in a gang brawl in Greater Jakarta. The victim, identified as RAS, was attacked after being mistaken for a gang rival when he was walking home after having coffee with a friend. He was also slashed with a sickle.

A study conducted to understand these brawls – known as tawuran in Indonesia –revealed that most of the brawls started over trivial issues. One of the key factors in the brawls was the complex psychological condition of the teenagers, particularly issues relating to the search for their identity.

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