Whitney Hui and Naty Photo: Facebook, Whitney Hui

A Hong Kong actress and former beauty queen took to social media to praise a long-serving domestic worker who had taken care of her family for 30 years.

Whitney Hui, the second runner-up in the Miss Hong Kong 2011 pageant, who later became an actress for a local TV broadcaster, posted photos and video of a birthday party plus a passage introducing her domestic worker Naty to her fans on social media platforms on Friday, Apple Daily reported.

Whitney said Naty came to Hong Kong 30 years ago and has been taking care of her since she was a baby.

Whitney’s mother said working with their family was Naty’s first posting, leading her to suffer from homesickness because she missed her two daughters in the Philippines very much. But it apparently didn’t take too long for Naty to adapt to her new environment, and she soon treated Whitney as if she were her own daughter.

Naty took care of Whitney until she was 18 years old, at which point she decided to return to the Philippines.

Whitney recalled one of the unforgettable memories she and Naty shared was the beauty contest role-play they did when she was a little girl.

In 2011, Whitney decided to join the Miss Hong Kong competition and she invited Naty to come to Hong Kong for the contest. After that, Mrs Hui invited Naty to stay in Hong Kong and continue their employer-worker relationship. Naty agreed and has been with the Hui family ever since.

Whitney praised Naty as a hard-working, honest worker. She thanked her for giving her time, love and loyalty to her and her family over the past 30 years.

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